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Who we are

We are an agency that mediates hair transplantation and dental aesthetics services in Turkey, Istanbul. Currently, we have about 80 doctors who perform over 450 procedures a month! We wish to inform people that baldness can be fixed without medication and hormone therapy! Over 89% of men don’t know they can get their hair back! Our aim is to make this life-changing step easy and affordable for everyone in the world! Contact Us NOW!

Why customers choose us?

  • We make it simple for everyone in the world to look beautiful!
  • With affordable prices and more than 85 professionals, we can provide a sublime service to all!

“All our services are provided by professionals in Istanbul, with Accommodation, Reception and farewell, Preview and full medical examinations and analyses, Turkish-English Translator And Certificate for a lifetime guarantee!”

  1. Reception and farewell to and from the airport and transfers in Istanbul regarding hair transplant process.
  2. Preview and full medical examinations and analyses concerning medical process
  3. Hair transplantation using (Sapphire FUE technique) to cover the empty area in the front and middle area on the top of the head, starting from the design of the new front line in doctor’s real-life examination with the patient.
  4. Local anesthesia with the use of “sedation technology” (newly) to prevent any pain!
  5. Plasma PRP-HT session to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss and feed hull hair follicles
  6. Pharmaceutical Pouch containing basic drugs needed immediately after the operation in addition to shampoo and lotion.
  7. Turkish-English Translator during the period of presence in the hospital.
  8. Hospital Review, bandages, and washing the hair.
  9. Certificate for a lifetime guarantee for the success of hair transplantation and that the transplanted hair will not be falling out ever again!
  10. Accommodation for 3 nights in a 5 star hotel for You and Your other half!

All You need to do, is to book a flight and we take care of the rest!

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