After procedure

The patient can expect new hair growth usually until five to six months following the procedure. Moreover this is also the stage where the patient will start noticing that the new transplanted hair has thickened considerably. The patients, at this phase, will notice a consistency in their hair.
Hair shedding after a hair transplant medically known as shock loss is quite common. Shedding of newly transplanted hair is considered to be a normal after-effect of any hair transplant operation. Shock hair loss is completely natural and triggers the regrowth of the transplanted follicles.
In 12-18 Months you will see the final results of your hair transplant operation.
Within the first few months following surgery the patient can expect to see new hair growth.This new growth cycle tends to differ from patient to patient but approximately three months after the procedure it will be visible. The new transplanted hair will start to grow thin but will gradually become denser over time.
The result is visible in most cases with a completely natural finish.
Itching is a sign of healing and it is completely normal to feel a few days after the operation. Do not scratch or pick at the cultivated area. Itching may continue for a week.
Numbness may occur for a short period of time after transplant operation. It returns to normal in three weeks but sometimes it can take 2 to 6 weeks. It takes some time to recover and get full sensation after your operation. The lack of sensation will decrease and go away over a period of time with the regeneration of the sensory nerves.
There can be a burning sensation in the recipient and the donor areas after hair transplant for 2-4 days which is quite tolerable.
While applying the instructions and suggestions given by your doctor after the hair transplant, don't forget that; what you eat also will help the healthy growth and strengthening of the new hair follicles. In this process, being careful about nutrition will increase the rate of cell regeneration and will help to shorten the recovery time after hair transplant.
A haircut with scissors is allowed after a month, but you should not use a razor at least for four months.