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Me soovitame teil intensiivseid treeninguid vältida vähemalt kümme päeva pärast juuste siirdamise lõikust. Kerge treening, nagu kõndimine, jooga, on head pärast neljandat operatsioonijärgset päeva. Kui märkate mõne sellise harjutuse ajal verejooksu suurenemist, peaksite treeningu intensiivsust vähendama.
Me ei soovita saunas, aurusaunas käia ega viibida väga kuumades kohtades, mis võib higistamist suurendada, need tegevused on sama kahjulikud kui trenni tegemine või sportimine. Sauna ega aurusauna ei tohiks minna ühe kuu jooksul pärast juuste siirdamist, kuna see põhjustab tugevat higistamist.
It is best to keep your head upright and avoid any sudden movements such as intense coughing and sneezing following operation. It is unlikely that you damage a graft by coughing a few days after your hair transplant. However, it is still important to be careful while sneezing or coughing.
Sexual intercourse may cause a person to sweat. After a hair transplant, sweating should also be avoided. Your grafts might get displaced while you sweat, especially in the first few days.
One of the most important precautions to take after a hair transplant is avoiding direct sunlight. After a hair transplant operation, a patient needs to protect your scalp from the sun for 1-2 months. Too much direct sun exposure not only damages the surface of the treated scalp, it can also affect the deeper tissues and cause serious harm.
Patients avoid drinking alcoholic beverages for at least two weeks before and after their hair transplant operation. This will give your body enough time to process any alcohol in your system and for your blood pressure to return to normal.
It is important to avoid scratching for a month as it can remove scabs and delay the healing process. Rather than scratching your scalp with your nail, you can gently rub the area.
Because smoking extends the duration of recovery, it is for your own good to stop smoking one week before and after the operation. Nicotine stiffens blood vessels and narrows them. This both delays the recovery and affects the new hair growth negatively.
You should avoid swimming for two weeks after a hair transplant operation. This period gives the grafts and donor area time to heal. After two weeks, the grafts are securely implanted and protected below the scalp and there should be no concern for infection.
After the hair transplant, patients should avoid excessive sweating in order to prevent damage to transplanted grafts for a month. If the patient is living in a hot climate, then it is recommended to stay indoors as much as possible for the first 2-3 weeks following the procedure.