A special lotion should be used for the first two weeks after the operation. A lotion should be applied only to the donor area during the first week after your hair transplant operation. During the second week, you may start applying the lotion to both the donor and the recipient areas for a faster recovery. Make sure you apply the lotion with the same direction of the transplanted grafts to avoid any damage.
Only after day 10 following your operation, you may start massaging your hair gently just to shed any leftover crusting from the healing process. While massaging, be careful not to scratch the area for a few more weeks.
After hair transplant, you should make sure that your newly implanted grafts are not exposed to pressurized water or high temperature for a month. This is why it is important to adjust the water so that it’s lukewarm with low pressure rather than hot and high pressure.
You need to use a special shampoo after the operation that we provide you for the first two weeks. When shampooing, do not forget to touch your grafts gently.
Do not comb or brush your hair for 2 weeks after the operation. After this period, you might gently start combing your hair at the non-implanted areas, but it is very important not to scratch, comb or brush the implanted areas. You should not touch the grafts themselves with the comb.
Do not use any harsh hair-care products including gels and conditioner for 3 months after your transplant. You may start using hair gels and sprays at least two to three months after surgery.
You can use a hair dryer on a cool air mode and at a moderate distance from your head a week later following your hair transplant operation.
Using the provided medical shampoo, create foam between your hands and spread foam through your donor and recipient area gently without rubbing or strong movements.
You should start a post-transplant hair washing process 3 days after hair transplant operation and follow the instructions once a day for 10 days. If all scabs are removed after 15 days you do not have to use lotion anymore, feel free to use any kind of shampoo for washing and you can start to rub in the shampoo gently with your fingertips.
Ärge kasutage oma juuste kuivatamiseks rätikuid kuu aega pärast oma operatsiooni. Te peaksite kasutama fööni jaheda õhu režiimil ja mõõdukal kaugusel oma peast.